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Public Banking Initiative UK

What is Public Banking Initiative UK?

An organisation dedicated to the promotion of Public Banking in the UK and beyond.


What is public banking ?  Its banking in the Public interest/benefit.  Public banks operate inclusivley for the benefit of society.


Public Banking is simply banking that  benefits society by distributing the   profits, proceeds from interest and transactions and reinvests them back into the community / public purse. With a public bank in effect, the public (you) are the beneficiaries. 


Classic examples of highly successful public banks benefiting their  societies are;  


The Bank of the State of North Dakota in the united States, this public bank has been established for almost 100 years. North Dakota is the only State in America that runs a financial  surplus. All other states run at a deficit to the central bank, some essentially owing billions of dollars, and permanently in debt.


The  Sparkasse bank Germany  Has been established for 200 years 431 savings banks operate a network of over 15.600 branches and offices and employ over 250.000 people. These banks provide the whole spectrum of banking services for private and commercial medium-sized customers.  The Spakasse banks supports  70% of  Germany's small to medium businesses, through local knowledge and customer awareness.  50 million customers maintain business activities with savings banks.


How does this differ from Private Banks ? Private Banks only operate for the benefit of their shareholders and in reality operate extractivly. This extraction of money is what drains the financial lifeblood out of  society and the whole community.


The Private Banking system creates money out of nothing.

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