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Ellen Brown <> (Monday, March 21 16 11:27 pm GMT)

Greetings, UK public banking group! We are delighted to be working with you. We seem to be at a revolutionary moment in history, when people are fed up with the old oligarchy and ready for something new; and today there is real hope of precipitating change. We’ve now got the Internet and social media, tools money reformers never had before; and awareness of what is going on behind the curtain is growing daily. There is the real possibility of a major grassroots movement to reclaim control of our money for the public good. It’s an exciting time, and you’re an exciting group! I totally enjoyed my visit there in February and look forward to dropping in again.<br />< br /> Good luck and best wishes,<br /> Ellen Brown<br /> Founder, Public Banking Institute (USA)

If you would like to make a donation to support the PBI in America, please click on the link at the bottom of this message.

Public Banking Institute

Public Banking Institute

Can you imagine your bank charging you over $701 million dollars in one year just for bank fees?

Can you imagine your community wanting to repair a road and being charged 50% of the total cost just to finance it?

Unfortunately, the state of New Jersey paid over $701 million dollars in bank fees in 2015 alone.  And for most communities across the country forced to seek funding from private banks to fund public infrastructure projects, 50% in debt servicing fees is the norm.

Please make a donation to the Public Banking Institute today so that the extractive fees of the private Wall Street banks can become a thing of the past.

Your gift of $25, $50, or more will mean that more communities will have options for funding education, infrastructure, pensions, and small businesses, instead of cutting services, closing schools, and stifling opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Did you know that your investment of $1,000 helps cover the travel and training costs associated with sending a public banking expert to a vulnerable community to advise them on setting up their own public bank?  With over 75 cities, states, and municipalities across the country actively pursuing public banks, you can see why your gift today can have a major impact - and for less than $85 a month!

Please consider making a contribution today. You can also give monthly to increase the impact of your gift.

You know the devastating impact private Wall Street banks have had on our economy and communities. And you can put an end to it by helping the Public Banking Institute establish public banks across the country.

Thanks so much for caring enough to assure that communities have an alternative to Wall Street's greed.

Yours in gratitude,


Walt McRee, Chair

P.S.  Your investment of $25, $50, or more is critical in keeping the public banking movement alive. Please make your gift today.

Walt McRee

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